Friday, May 13, 2011


I decided to take the boys to the zoo today and obviously so did everyone else in the SL valley.  It was so busy.  The boys had a blast doing the usual things, riding the train and the carousel.  Noah wanted to see the monkeys and the tigers, and Ashton wanted to see all the dinosaurs.  They have all these dinosaurs all over the zoo they look pretty realistic and move and make sounds. 

I have tried to get Ashton on this elephant for years now.  Today he finally willingly got on and let me take his picture. 

I told Ashton to stick his head in the dinosaurs mouth, he actually listened to me. 

I told Ashton to put his arms around Noah so I could get a picture of both of them.  He did but he was choking him in the process. 

While the boys were on the carousel I was taking a bunch of pictures.   Finally Ashton said.  " Mom that's enough pictures, put the camera away"  He is a funny kid. On a different note don't you love Ashton's black eye.  He was playing outside yesterday and dropped a wrench on his face.  I didn't see it happen and I am still a little confused as to how he did it but he does have quite the shiner.


Korie Bellamy Photography said...

what happened to Ashton's eye:) I see a post about you being over taxed with motherhood and then the next pictures you post are of a huge black eye ... lol