Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's day Card

So Ashton came home from  preschool today with a card for me for mother's day, it was really cute it had a little questionnaire on the inside that Ashton filled out (well Miss Gail filled it out but Ashton answered the questions)

1. My mom is how old?  6 (if only, actually not really I am quite okay with how old I am)
2. she is how tall?  14 feet  (wow I am a giant)
3. she weights?  3 pounds (good answer kid)
4. Her favorite food is?  Spaghetti and fruit  ( I do like both of those but wouldn't consider them my favorite)
5. She likes to?  Watch a movie  (he got this one right, its a good way to unwind at night)
6. She doesn't like? lots of food (well I have been told I am a picky eater, but I like to think I just know what I like)
7. She is doing what while I am at preschool? watching a movie at home (no kid, I am not I am usually running errands or cleaning while you are gone, but nice try though)
8. I like it when my mom? gives me toys ( well of course you do, daddy on the other hand does not he thinks I buy you boys way too many)

I was laughing when I was done reading this, it is quite funny to hear what our children think about us.