Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So a while back my dad asked me if I wanted to go to Arizona with him to see grandma. He had a conference to go to in Phoenix and he decided to stay a little longer to visit with his mom. I agreed and thought it would be fun to go and visit.

So we left last Tuesday morning and the boys did pretty good in the car Noah had a couple little fits, but I was able to crawl in the back with him and that helped. So overall the trip went great we only had to stop twice, we made it about 10 1/2 hours to Mesa.

Some of the highlights of the trip include:

Beautiful 70 degree weather the whole trip, it was so strange being in short sleeves all day and at night we just needed a light jacket if that.

playing at the park, we walked over to a park and the boys had so much fun playing.

seeing the lights at the mesa temple, with Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Gary, and Grandma. I really like the lights, it was fun listening to Ashton say "Mom look Christmas lights" all night long. It seems silly but I got a kick out of the orange trees, with the oranges and christmas light.

going to the phoenix zoo, I was really impressed with this zoo it was twice the size of the Hogle zoo, and the animal were in really large exhibits.

going to Outdoor World, and seeing Santa, well at least we saw him from a far Ashton didn't want to get any closer.

Visiting with relatives we don't see a lot. It was fun to see my kids interact with their 92 yr old great grandma. It took them a couple of days to warm up to her but they did and she was really cute with them.