Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 Staples

So two Sundays ago we had a family dinner at my Dad and Val's house, Val is going back east to be with her daughter Meagan who is about to have a baby and she will be gone for Christmas. So we all got together to have dinner and exchange presents.

We had an awesome dinner and we were exchanging presents. During all of this Ashton was rough housing with his Uncle Leland and Aaron, which is very common when they are together. Ashton ended up hitting his head on the back of the couch, that has a wooden frame and metal rivets. It bled pretty good for a little bit, but we couldn't get a good look at it because he wouldn't let anyone get close to it. So when we got home, I finally convinced Ashton to let me look at it, it wasn't very deep but it was split open pretty wide. I decided to take him to insta-care and have it looked at.

He was not a happy boy about being at the Dr's office. So I decided to bride him, I told him we would go and get a treat when we were done, if he let them look at his head. The nurse came out and looked at it and said she had to put some numbing cream on it, then we had to wait for 20 mins, till they could put the staples in. After she put the numbing cream on they had to wrap his head, and boy did that set him off. He was not happy yet again.
He kept saying, "hurt, mom off" and " No like it" I had to keep him busy, so he would forget about it.

Then when we headed back to be seen, he wouldn't get on the scale, he didn't want to cooperate with anything that needed to happen. The nurse had to clean the cut with some sterile water so I sat Ashton on my lap and we wrapped him in a sheet and I held his head against my chest while she cleaned it. Through all of this Ashton is screaming and crying. I know it wasn't hurting him, he just didn't like being held down. Then it was time for the staples. I held him and cradled his head while they put in the staples. He was screaming bloody murder by this time, but he didn't flinch or anything when the staples were put in so I know he wasn't in pain, he just wanted to be let down and as soon as I did let him go, he quite crying. When we were leaving, he kept telling the nurse "you hurt me" over and over again it was pretty funny.

I had told him that if he let the Dr. look at his head and fix it I would buy him a treat, so on the way home we stopped at Maverick and I bought him a sucker, he was so happy about that.

Now we just have to go back in a week and have them taken out. I am not looking forward to that at all.


Kevin and Amber said...

That's so sad. I think it's funny he told the nurse off.

Natalie said...

OH that SUCKS! But it was a pretty entertaining story. Sounds like it he is all better and ready for Christmas.

Natalie said...

Topher just made fun of me for my comment not making sense.. sorry, you got the point, right?