Friday, May 10, 2013

12 weeks

I can't believe three months have gone by since Caitlin was born.  She is growing like crazy and she even decided to roll over this last weekend.  I  was reading to the boys before bed and she was laying on the floor and she kept throwing her legs to one side and sure enough she rolled over.  I rolled her back to her back and kept reading and she did it again.  I then ran to get my phone to video her and see if she would do it again.  Over again she went, the boys thought it was so funny watching her roll over.  I was excited, but then at the same time so sad at how quickly this time is flying by.  I want her to stay little forever! 

We are slowly trying to get into a schedule during the day, but it is a little hard it feels like we are in the car constantly each morning till we drop Ashton off at school at 12:45 I seriously hate this afternoon kindergarten I can't wait for summer to be here.  So our mornings are a little crazy with the dropping off the kids and then usually running errands.  But the afternoons we have been taking pretty good naps in her bed.  The one day I actually had to go wake her up, I hadn't realized it was 7pm so I woke her up so she would go to bed when I put the boys down. 

Another fun new things this week is I pulled out the Baby Einsteins.  She was fussing one afternoon and I really needed her to be happy while I was working on a project.  So I put on a baby Einstein on my ipad, once she focused on it she immediately calmed down.  She is so much like Ashton as a baby.  He loved the baby Einsteins also, Noah never cared for them.  I also pulled out the Bumbo, she is still a little too small for it but I thought I would try, so far she hates it.  She will sit for a minute then she just fusses so we will she what happens with that. 

She is also my baby with the least amount of hair.  I have been looking at old pictures and both the boys had more hair than she does.  Oh well, good thing for bows and headbands!

 The monthly teddy bear picture, my friend gave me some of her little girls clothes here is one of the outfits.  They were all so cute, just what this baby girl needed more clothes for me to choose from each day!