Saturday, July 12, 2014


So I signed Ashton up for some golfing lessons in June.  He was pretty excited about it we borrowed some small golf clubs from my dad for his lessons.  I wanted to make sure he liked it and wanted to continue doing it before spending the money on some golf clubs.  He was a little nervous the first day but after that he was fine, he seemed to love it. He did miss his last class because him and Noah went camping with Dad and Val.  I thought about signing him up again the next week but we were going to AZ so he would of missed two classes.  So I guess next summer we will do lessons again.

He has been asking to go golfing for weeks now, but it is too hard to do it during the day so I kept putting him off.  finally I was able to take him one Saturday morning, he did pretty good, he does still need some lessons but I think he will get it in no time.  I am excited to be able to take him golfing one day.  He was also thrilled to be able to use his new golf clubs we got him.