Friday, July 11, 2014

4th of july

So our 4th of July activities started on the 3rd, we went to the west bountiful park that evening and had some food and got to check out the safety fair, then around 10 pm the fireworks started.  I didn't know how Caitlin was going to react to the fireworks cause the boys at her age hated fireworks, but she ended up loving them. Daddy brought home some balloons and Caitlin was in heaven, she loves balloons.

On the fourth, we decided to go to the little parade that the city puts on then we were going to have a little BBQ in the back yard.  Mom came up in the morning and she came to the parade with us.  It was a fun little parade.  The boys weren't super happy about going to the parade, but as soon as they realized they were going to get candy they changed their tune.

Afterwards we headed home to have a BBQ in the backyard.  Dad, Val and two of her grandchildren came up also.  It was fun to have a couple kids running around.  We found the only shade we could cause it was so hot outside.  I of course forgot to get a picture of everyone while they were here.  I also didn't get a family picture, oops!  I thought it was funny my dad fell asleep on the couch while we cleaned up the kitchen and everyone was talking and kids running around.

I tried to get a picture of the kids and after many many attempts this was the best I could get.  I guess this is pretty typical of my family.

I had to bribe Caitlin with Dum Dum suckers to smile for a picture, of course one wasn't enough she needed a handful.

Those baby blue eyes of hers get me every time.