Monday, July 28, 2014

Orr Family Reunion

So Mom was in charge of the family reunion, of course anything that mom is in charge of turns out wonderfully.  This was no exception, the turnout wasn't as big as anticipated so we had food coming out of our ears, but everything turned out great.  We had the reunion up in Bear Lake, we stayed at Ideal Beach Resort.  We were able to have the reunion center which was wonderful to have the big room to be set up at all times, we had a snack table with just about any kind of treat you could think of, a kids area with lots of stuff for the kids to play with.  The menu was amazing all the meals were so yummy.  My mom put so much time and energy into the reunion to make it a success.

Noah was so proud of his snail he made with play dough.  I was pretty impressed with it also.

We were all happy that Daddy was able to come up for the weekend and get to be with us.

Caitlin getting a little grandpa time.

Here's the big group that was there.

Our family

As per usual when we go to these events, I am helping mom with things, so my kids just get to run around and create havoc.  The uncles are a huge help with my kids and they love them, I love them for all the help they give me and for how they love my kids.  There was of course lots of trying to get Caitlin's attention, she hasn't been a huge fan of the uncles, but this trip seemed to be a huge turning point.  Now the question is who will be her favorite.