Friday, August 15, 2014

Caitlin 18 months

I figured I had better start doing a better job at documenting the little things with Caitlin.

Words she says:
Dada she has been saying this for a while now.  Mama she just barely started saying this to me, I was getting a little sad she would call for daddy but not me!  I know silly. grandma although it sounds like gamma, baby, hi, gaga (which means grey)

She also does the sign for sleep, and milk

She is a Mommy's girl but is branching out.  She loves when daddy comes home and runs to him and lays her head on his shoulder.  If we are outside when he comes home she runs to the car and wants to climb in with him while he drives into the garage.  She also loves grandma, her uncles keep trying to become a favorite, not sure they are there yet but she will cuddle with them now.

Favorite movies:
Tangled, Frozen, baby Einstein

oatmeal, eggs, cold cereal, yogurt, gogurt, blue and green goodness (drinks we buy that are fruit and veggies), pasta, pizza, black beans, rice, toast with jam, chips and salsa (she can handle some heat)

Some favorite things:
she has to sleep with two blankets, she loves grey, looking at books, she loves go kart rides, stroller rides, balls, balloons

She doesn't like to get dressed, have her diaper changed or get her hair done.  It is a fight everyday for these things.  She will sit fairly still if I give her my phone with a baby Einstein on it.  She likes baths until you have to wash her body, and you have to keep the water running once it gets shut off she gets mad.  She loves to sit on the counter in our bathroom while Jason and I are getting ready.  She loves to suck on floss and her toothbrush with her toothpaste on it.

She still has a bottle for nap time and bedtime, I know I should take it away from her but I can't bring myself to do it just yet.

She loves to put on shoes, even if they are way to big for her, she loves to be outside, and thinks running into the road is a game.