Sunday, April 4, 2010

A mountain getaway

Last weekend we headed out for a Little (ha ha, it was not little at all it was huge) cabin up near Park City.  The Gibsons found that place and wanted to know if we were in.  If anybody knows me they know I am always up for a spontaneous trip anywhere I love doing things like this.  We were only gone for one night, but I would of loved to of stayed longer the place was awesome.

We did have a little drama trying to get there, I was driving and we hit some snowy icy roads and I got stuck and couldn't make it up the hill.  Jason was on his phone and was not helping me, I got a little  frustrated, so we switched spots and Jason took over, but no luck we were not getting up that hill.  Kevin had to come and resuce us, we parked the car in a little lot along the side of the road and loaded up the Gibson's car and had no problem making it, Kevin did have to go back and get the Bellamy's because they couldn't make it either.

When we finally made it to the cabin and got a look around, it was totally worth the little drama getting there, it was huge there were 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.  Most of the rooms had a queen sized bed and a set of bunkbeds there were enough beds to sleep like 24 people.  I wish I had gone and taken picures of all the rooms, but I didn't. There was even a game room with a fosball table, pool table, and a arcade game, there was even a hot tub outside on the deck. 

We ate way too much junk food, here was just a sample of what we had for a 24 hr trip.  But hey we all need to endulge once in a while right.

All the little boys had so much fun playing with the arcade game and playing with the trains that they brought with them.  It was seriusly a lot of fun the only thing I would of changed was to of been able to stay the whole weekend instead of just one night.

While the kids played, the adults played games.  We had so much fun, here's Kevin and Amber

Jason and I

Korie and Spencer

Noah of course wanted to be right in the middle of what was going on.  I am actually amazed he sat still long enough to have a picture taken.

I couldn't get enough of little Ben's cheeks, they are just so kissable.  He sat on my lap for quite a while and was laughing it was adorable. 

This is how we found Noah in the morning,  He has been doing this lately, pulling his arm out of his pj's. 

Ashton was so cute with Ben.  He sat down and played with him and found his bottle and gave it to him.  It was so cite watching him interact with the baby, he has never done that before.

It wouldn't be a memorable trip without one mishap.  Korie put dish soap into the dishwasher and we had to clean up some bubbles.  It was quite funny.

I was really amazed at the amount of bubbles that kept coming out of the dishwasher.

This was the main living area

Ethan cheesing it up for the camera.  The boys had a blast running around outside while we were trying to get packed up tp go.

We had such a great time, it was nice to get away even if it was just for one night.


Kevin and Amber said...

That was so fun. We will for sure have to do it again sometime.

Bellamy Family said...

Ethan always cheeses it for the camera :) I don't know what is better though ... mason who you can't get to look at the camera or the cheese smiles from Ethan
What a great weekend