Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This morning I was looking at the Petunia Pickle Bottom warehouse sale just for fun.  I found this bag for $5

I was totally stoked and quickly bought it.  I figured it was too good to be true.  These bags usually cost around $100 .  This is a totally awesome diaper bag, but it doesn't look like a diaper bag. I haven't carried a diaper bag for a while now I have what I like to refer to as my mom purse. It is large enough to hold all the things I need for the boys and what I need, and it is stylish.  I really love their cake line of bags (go figure me loving somthing with the name of cake, haha)  But this bag is pretty awesome too.

Come to find out it was a human error who input the price wrong, BUT they were going to honor 1 bag per person who actually were able to buy one.  I am thrilled that I was able to grab one.  The shipping charge was more than the bag, but I am stoked that I ended up with this awesome bag for $16.  It is still an awesome deal.