Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day #2 Potty training

So today went much better than yesterday. We still had some accidents but they were fairly small ones, we did go through 4 pairs of underwear. He even went poop in the potty, I was so proud of him I could hardly stand it.
I was a little unprepared for the whole potty training thing. I did have a couple pairs of underwwear and some pull ups and I thought that was going to be fine. I am going to have to go buy some more underwear because I refuse to do laundry every night that just seems like way to much work. When it is so easy to go buy some more :)

Ashton got enough stickers on his chart today to go and buy a new train so Daddy took the boys to Target while I was at work tonight. They stopped by to show me and it was so cute how excited Ashton was with his new train. He had been talking all day about wanting a new blue train, so I was surprised when he ended up with a green train, and it was not a Geotrax one either. I guess they were all out at Target so Ashton chose a Thomas one instead.

I know that some day Ashton it going to kill me for posting pictures of him in his underwear, but it is so stinking cute.


Natalie said...

IT IS SO HARD! Good luck.
We missed you yesterday at play group. Maybe next time you will feel like you can do it, keep up the good work:)

Kevin and Amber said...

Their bums are so cute in their underwear. I think Nate has the same set.