Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potty training bootcamp: Day 1

So I should warn anyone reading this that there will be talk about poop and pee, so if you want to stop reading now is the time :)

So today officially marks the first day of potty training boot camp. We have been working with Ashton for the last couple of weeks to go potty but he just wasn't getting it. So I decided I needed to just put him in underwear and let him make a mess to show him not to go in in pants anymore.

So this morning we got up and he peed in the potty and we put underwear on. I was thinking ahead and put towels and blankets on the couch so if he did make a mess I would only have to wash the blankets and not the couch. I set a timer on my phone and every 15 mins I was asking him if he needed to go potty. The answer was always no, around 10:00 I asked him again and he said no, I went into the family room not two mins later and what did I find but I soaking wet child on the couch. I wanted to scream but I didn't we went up stairs got him cleaned up into some new underwear and pants and I even tried to get him to go potty again. He didn't have to go and he went and was playing in his room. I swear it wasn't more than 5 mins later and he came back into the bathroom and he had not only peed himself again, he pooped too! This time I did scream, and I felt horrible about it too. I had told myself I wasn't going to yell at him but I was very frustrated with him at this point.

We cleaned up again and this time I told him he only got wear underwear. Now you have to understand Ashton he hates to be naked, he insists on being dressed all the time, no running around naked for this one, so he wasn't thrilled with not having any pants on, but I didn't want any more laundry than necessary. The rest of the day went pretty well, no more major accidents. We have been filling up a potty chart with stickers and when he fills up tow rows of stickers he gets a new train. He also gets a potty treat when he goes, which is a piece of candy. Normally I don't give him candy very often but I am not above bribery if it is going to get him to understand this concept.

Here's to hoping tomorrow is going to be a better day!