Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cleaning Bug

A friend recently posted about buying this steam cleaner,so I looked it up and decided that it was definitely something that I needed. So I sold Jason on the idea and when we were at Costco on Saturday we picked one up (Thanks to Ariana who told me about this and that it was cheaper at Costco than it was on Amazon) Anyways today I have been cleaning up a storm.

I just think this little machine is cute, it reminds me of a bug for some reason. 

I started with the bathroom floor, the grout was getting a little gross, it looks like new tile now, next came the bathroom fauset, it had stuff built up around it, that I have tried many different methods to get off with no success.  It is so shiney right now, I wish it would stay this way forever!  Then I steamed cleaned the shower and tub.  I am not against using cleaners by any means,  but there is just something that seems so much fresher and so clean about using steam. 

After the bathroom I headed to the kitchen,  Now please don't judge me because of what I am going to say next.  I have never cleaned my oven before (gasp), we have had this oven for 4 years now.  I know it is pathetic, it even cleans itself, I just have to press the button to turn it on.  So on went to oven, the house did smell like somthing was burning all day but hey I now have a nice clean oven.  It is not perfect, but those that know me, know I am not a perfectionist so I am okay with a few spots.

While the oven was doing it's thing I tackeled the sink and fauscet, the fridge and a few other things.  I wanted to clean the kitchen floor with my new little machine but I am tired of cleaning today.  I will tackle that one another day. 


klynnphotography said...

is my house next? I'm just hoping to start nesting soon:)

Natalie said...

I love those days when you just are just in a cleaning frenzie! I need to get into one of those SOON, maybe we need to invest in a little steam machine.