Thursday, March 18, 2010


It was such a nice day today I decided to take the boys to the zoo.  We bought a pass last year (I think it was around May), well it is good for a year and we are going to make good use of it while we can. 

This year Noah actually gets  to enjoy it, last year he was just a lump in the stroller.  He was having so much fun pointing and grunting at all the animals.  We did have one causuality, we lost one orange binky, oh well its a good thing we have lots of them around this place. 

We of course had to ride the carousel, and the train.  The boys seemed a little apprehensive on the carousel, which is weird for Ashton, he loved it last year. He seemed fine once it started going, although he didn't want me to take my hand off his leg the whole time.  Noah just sat on the dolphin and held on, he wouldn't smile or anything.  He tried a few times to get me to hold him, but I made him stick it out. 

The train ride was so cute Ashton wrapped his arms around Noah and held him for the whole ride ( it is only a few mins) it was the cutest thing ever.  Noah even sat still and let him do it which is a surprise in itself. 

I love these boys more than anything, they do drive me crazy somedays but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I loved this picture of Ashton, but Noah looks like he was drugged or something.  I swear he isn't!


Kevin and Amber said...

That's fun!! Next time you go call me. I have a pass too. I think it's still good.