Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Warning: this is a long post with lots of pictures

This morning we said goodbye to Leland who is leaving to go to Afganistan for the next year.  They had a little ceremony with the families and the soliders, then we had about 1 1/2 hrs to spend with our solider before they had to board the plane to leave.  We were at the Air  National Guard base at the airport, we were all hanging out in an airplane hanger. 

We are going to miss Leland while he is gone.  We are all just hoping he will come home to us safe.  I took a ton of pictures while we were waiting. Everyone was a good sport about me taking so many pictures, but this kind of thing doesn't happen everyday so it needs to be documented.

Daddy and his boys, love these boys even if they do drive me crazy sometimes!

Noah and Daddy, this is a good way to keep Noah out of trouble, bad thing is he won't stay like this for long, before he wants down to run around.
Ashton ran up to Uncle Leland and stayed like this for about 15 mins.  He loves his uncle Leland, it is a sad day too see him go.  You know Ashton loves you when he lays his head down like this, he doesn't do this for just anybody.
Angela, Lindsay, and Leslie waiting paitently for things to begin
Leland and part of his unit standing for roll call.  He is in the back row, 4th person from the right.
Noah having some raisins, we lasted sitting for the ceremony for about 5 mins, then I had to get up and let him walk around.  He is such a demanding little person.

Mom and Myron and Leland

Noah giving Grandma loves
Leland and I, I hope he is safe and comes back soon!
Our little family and Leland.  Ashton is going to miss his uncle Leland. 

Leland was interviewed by Channel 5 we will see if he makes the news or not
The Whole family.  We were only missing JD he was at school, oh wait I guess we were missing Josh too.
Noah spent a lot of the time running back and forth, it is so cute watch his little legs going as fast as they can.
My handsome hubby, Love you babe!!!!
The twins deep in conversation
Noah and Grandpa were watching the planes out the hanger door.

Noah was beginning to throw a fit, he is such a strong willed child!

Ashton and Daddy.  I loved the look on Ashton's face 

Noah was one grouchy baby, he got to bed late last night and had to get up early this morning.  This made for one grouchy baby today.

Leland saying his last goodbye's

The 144th unit waiting to get on to the plane. 

Leland was the second person to head up onto the plane, he was ready to go.
We were telling Ashton to wave to the plane as it was leaving, he was waving to the plane but something behind him had is attention.

Noah and Daddy watching Leland's plane leave
Afterwards we were all going to head to Red Iguana for Lunch, but Noah was done he screamed almost the whole way home, until he fell asleep.  So we just headed home and put him down for a nap.  We are all going to miss Leland and we are hoping for his safe return.


Kevin and Amber said...

That pic of Ashton and Leland is so sweet. You should print it and send it to him.

Kevin and Amber said...
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