Monday, March 28, 2011

Bowling and Markers

So last week we went bowling for a field trip with Ashton's preschool.  The boys were both really excited about it, but I knew that if they made it past 5 frames  we were going to be very lucky.  We sure enough Noah made it 5 frames and he was done,  he had a blast for those 5 frames though.

Ashton surprised me and made it through the whole game and he finished Noah's along with his.  I was proud of him he even broke a 100.  He did have the bumpers and that other thing that helps them roll the ball but still it was a pretty good score. 

Ashton and Aurora were comparing their shoes, it was so funny.

When they were done bowling all the kids sat and had snacks, then it was time to go home.  It was nice we were the only ones there and they left off all the video games so the kids weren't interested in playing in the arcade section, which I think helped in  them staying interested in bowling as long as they did.  I love how you can totally tell Noah is saying cheese in the pictures.  This has been a new thing he is doing lately, finally he is getting use to a camera in his face all the time.  It only took him two years to get use to it.

On another note, we got together with our neighbors this weekend for dinner and while the adults were sitting around the table talking the boys (our 2 and their 1) were playing and destroying the house.  I noticed Noah had some marker on his face and went to check it out and couldn't find anything and the boys didn't fess up to anything so I let it go.  A little while later Noah came back in the kitchen and his face had even more marker all over it, this time I saw all the boys.  They had drawn all over their faces with marker, thank goodness it was washable, I still had to scrub pretty hard and there was a little left that just had to wear off.

I then went to search the house and luckily enough there were only about two places I had to wipe off the walls so I was happy about that.  Moral is don't leave markers out and available when we have company over!