Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Snow

So we woke up Sunday to a ton of snow, I was not happy about it but decided that we needed to make the best of it and we all got on our snow stuff and out we went. 

There was lots of fun, laughs, and smiles, and of course there were tears.  One of these days I will stop taking pictures of my children crying but for now I still find it funny!

We threw snow balls, made snow angels, and went sledding.  I am sad to admit that this was the first time going sledding this winter.  I had tried a few other times but the boys threw fits and didn't want to go I didn't push the issue. 

We even had our neighbors come out and join in the fun for a while.  We had so much fun pushing the boys down the hills on the sleds and finally when we were all frozen we headed inside and had hot chocolate. 


Lisa said...

you are lucky you have a built in hill - we have to drive to one in the nieghborhood. CUTE photos :)