Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinosaur Tails

So a while ago I came across this tutorial online on how to make dinosaur tails.  I immediately thought of the boys and I had to make them.  I went to the store that day and bought everything I needed.  I came home got everything cut out and then it all got shoved in a bag and I forgot about it for about a month.  Well last week I decided I finally needed to make them.  I pulled it all out and got to work, it was really pretty simple, the only thing I did different was use felt for the spikes (she actually suggested this and it worked out great).

The boys loved them, they wore them outside and Noah wouldn't take his off,  we went on a walk around the neighborhood and Noah wore his tail.  I was a little sad about that just because the tail dragged on the ground a little bit and it has almost worn a hole in the end of the tail. 

Ashton was showing me what a dinosaur sounds like


Lisa said...

SUPER cute~