Monday, August 29, 2011


So Leslie got married on Friday and I made the cupcakes for the reception that night.  I made 300 cupcakes, half of them were key lime with key lime buttercream, and the other half were white almond sour cream with buttercream icing.  The baking part kind of sucked, I went and baked them at winegars so that I could use the ovens and get them baked much quicker.  I ended up only having 2 hours to get the batters made and baked and cooled enough to package.  I finished boxing up the last box when the store was closing, I was on a dead run for a solid two hours.  I made the cupcakes Thursday night and then decorated them Friday.  The decorating went really quickly, and I would of had them done even quicker if I hadn't run out of icing and had to go get some more. 

Mom came and got the boys so I didn't have to worry about them and getting the cupcakes to the reception too.  It was a nice little brake from them, Jason and I got the the reception and got the table all set up and I was pretty happy with how they turned out.  We had fun hanging out and spending time with family.

The boys are both very interested in babies right now so they had fun with their cousin Gage, it won't be long and he will be running around with my boys.  I just thought that these series of photos were cute of the cousins together.

I made an attempt to get all 3 of them to look at me but after over 20 shots, no such luck,

The boys love love love their uncles, I would even say they have the best uncles ever.  They are so awesome to my boys, they will play with them, wrestle with them, and basically do whatever they want, well at least until they get tired then they pass them off on the other uncle.  My boys love the attention that they get from them.

Of course not activity would be complete without me wanting to at least attempt to get a family picture.  I don't love the picture of me, but then I usually don't like any pics of me anyways but as far as family pictures goes, we are all looking at the camera and no one is screaming so success!


Lisa said...

super cute photos!

Korie Bellamy Photography said...

those cupcakes are AWESOME!!