Tuesday, August 16, 2011

changes around the house

So last week the boys decided that they needed to really break the entertainment center.  It has been hanging in there and was a little broken for quite a while now, well they finally broke the door all the way.  I guess in a way it is my fault, they broke it with a shopping cart I had found on ksl and brought for them and Noah kept ramming it into things.  The joys of having boys!! (not)  So Jason decied to just take the doors off so it wouldn't look so bad.

When Jason came home he immediately got onto KSL to see what we could find.  We ended up finding a guy locally who makes furniture here locally and he had a TV stand that was perfect, it had everything that Jason was looking for and it should be nice a sturdy.  So we ended up buying one.  The next choice that needed to be made was what color we wanted to have it painted, there were about 10 different choices, and we could even have it a custom color if we wanted.  We decided to branch out a little bit and go a little bolder, with our color choice. 

We ended up picking mustard, I have been wanting to change somethings in there for a while now, but I haven't found my inspiration yet.  Now I have it, I am going to paint my walls a light grey and we are going to rearrange the furniture and then make a focal wall for the TV to be on.  I am going to have pops of yellow and aqua and another color which I haven't decided yet.  I am pretty excited about making some simple yet fun changes to the family room.  I found this room online and it is my inspiration for the colors I want to use, with a few tweaks.

When ever I get the itch to do home projects I tend to want to do multiple things at once, so while I need to get going on the family room, we have a couple of weeks till the TV stand is done and I would like to have the room at least painted by then.  Today I decided to put the boys in the same room and make a play room.  I have been thinking about this for a while now, I really want to get the boys bunk beds but we need to save for them so we pay cash.  I was going to wait for the bunk beds before I made some changes but today I decided I wasn't going to wait, we have a toddler bed that was Ashton's so I put that up and took down the crib.  I did some rearranging of the closet and got all the boys clothes in the closet.  For now the boys are pretty thrilled to be in the same room and they are also stoked to have a play room.

The play room is still a disaster and needs a bunch of work, but I am thrilled that I will be able to have one room that all the toys will be in, that means that all the toys will be out of the family room and I am so happy about that.  We found the boys a train table on ksl this last weekend for an awesome price so we needed to find a home for it, right now it is in the middle of the living room.  This is also one of the reasons I decided to make a playroom right now.  I am not going to paint the walls right now, for now we will live with the way it is. 


Ariana said...

Is your entertainment center form IKEA? If so, we have the same one. And the first week we had it, Preston broke one door by repeatedly opening it too far. Broke the wood where the hinges are. Nice! Boys!!

Kara said...

No we actually got it from Best Buy, but still you think they could make things to with stand little boys a little better

Ariana said...

Oh ok...I see now. For some reason not all the pictures were loading last night, and the only one I saw had Jason in front of the drawers. Ours doesn't have drawers, just shelves in the middle. K, I LOVE that inspiration picture! Especially the mirror. The colors are awesome. Good luck :)