Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finished playroom

So last week I was a little bored one afternoon and thought that it would be a good idea to put the boys in the same room and make a playroom.  So I dragged up the toddler bed and put it together and took the crib apart and stored it away.  It took a few tries to get the beds arranged in a way that I liked.  I am happy with how their room turned out for now.  I really want bunk beds but until then this is a good arrangement.  I needed a blanket for Noah's bed to go with Ashton's so I decided to make one, I went to the fabric store and was able to find fabric almost exactly like same.  I am quite happy with how it turned out.  It's not perfect and anyone who looks to closely will see that but oh well I don't care.  So the boys have been having fun sleeping in the same room, although Noah has kept headed to the playroom when he wants to get dressed so I think it will take just a little time to totally get use to the new arrangement.  I need to do something different on the walls, but I am waiting  because I know if I do then I will just have to change it again when we get bunk beds so for now it stays as it is.

The playroom so far has been totally awesome, the boys played in it for the whole day as soon as it was finished.  They have even been getting up in the morning and heading in there to play.  I love the fact that all the toys are in one place and if needs be I can totally shut the door on the mess.  I can say go to the playroom and play and they do, it is awesome.  I do want to paint the room and do some fun things on the walls but for now it can wait.  My only regret so far is that I didn't do this sooner.