Thursday, September 1, 2011


So for my birthday I was trying to decide what I wanted and Jason was letting me pick what I wanted.  On a whim one day while I was at Target I went over by the bikes and saw that they had mountain bikes on sale for a great price and they were pretty cute so I decided that I might like that for my present.  It took over a month for us to finally get it ( don't worry I got a rain check for the bike so I could get the sale price).  While we were at the store getting my bike we noticed this box with a childs bike in it for a really really good price so we decided to get it for Ashton.  It was orange his favorite color, and it was such a great price we got it for him. 

Since I got my bike I wanted Jason to get one to so we could all go on some bike rides. Jason finally found a bike he liked and got it this last weekend.  Since then Ashton has been all excited about riding his bike.  The only sad thing is he doesn't like his new bike.  The training wheels on it make it wobble a little too much so he likes he other bike better.  We just need to get some new training wheels for it.  Poor kid when he took his helmet off he was so sweaty, so I let him ride around on the driveway without it on so he could cool off a little bit. 

Noah being Noah has to get in on the action too so if big brother is riding in the road then he is going to be riding in the road too.  The downside, the hill he can't peddle up them so at least one parent has to push him up the hill so he can peddle down. 

So the boys spent most of the day Saturday riding bikes and again on sunday and everyday since then.  The down side to all of this is where we live, it isn't the best for riding bikes, the streets are not flat and it makes it hard to learn and get comfortable.  Tonight we actually went and found a parking lot that was flat and empty that we could ride around in.  They had a blast and I can't wait till we get a bike wagon thing to put Noah in and we can all go on a ride.