Monday, September 12, 2011

State Fair

So it is that time of the year again when the state fair comes to town.  We were trying to decide what to do with the boys today and then I remembered that the fair was going on so I suggested that we went.  The last couple of years we have gone on the last weekend and it was never as much fun.  Most of the animals were gone and a lot of the vendors seemed to be gone and so this year I wanted to go earlier. 

One of my favorite things about the fair is the food.  I love to have awesome (horrible for you fair food)  we got there and needed to eat lunch right away.  We walked most of the fair before we decided on what we wanted to eat, Hot dog, soda, pulled pork plate, nachos, chips, and cinnamon almonds.  It was all delicious, after lunch we checked out the animals, the Lego booths.   

Then they saw the rides and that was all they wanted to do, I bought a couple of tickets, but then I decided to get some more and let them have some fun.  They rode the train, cars, helicopters, did a fun house, and a slide thing just to name a few.  They didn't much together they each wanted to do what they wanted when they wanted.  So we split up and let them do what they wanted. 

We ended our fair experience with some shaved ice and then headed home.   Noah kept saying he wanted a drink not a shaved ice so I sent Jason to get him something to drink (he got a lemonade and polished the whole thing off in one drink, he is a guzzler that one) while I stayed in line for a shaved ice.  Of course once Noah got his drink he also wanted a shaved ice, so he had to share with me, I was out of cash and was not going to get anymore.  Overall we had a great time and I am already looking forward to next year to do it all over again.

Noah decided he needed to take some pictures, this one actually was so awful :)

Just look at that face he is no longer my baby, there is no trace of baby left in him, he is all little boy.  I have no idea when this happened I swear it happened over night.  He is getting better with me taking pictures when he sees the camera now he will say cheese, and at least smile so I am so thrilled with that right now.

No outing would be complete without me wanting a family picture, this was the best I got before Jason said enough, so I guess it will have to do.


Ariana said...

Looks like fun!