Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bear Lake

So we went to Bear Lake over labor day weekend again like we did last year, we stayed at Ideal Beach which is a resort right on the lake.  The resort was awesome, we could walk out our door and a couple feet away we were on the beach and in the lake, there was also a huge lawn area to play games, two pools we could play in, and an awesome park on the beach that the boys spent a ton of time playing on.  Our condo left a lot to be desired, it was straight out of the 70's and it was a tight fit for the 10 of us to even sit and eat dinner or anything. 
The view from our balcony

We got there Friday afternoon and got checked in and settled and then went on a little walk to see what there was to do around the resort.  The boys immediately saw the playground and we spent quite a bit of time there.  There was a merry-go-round, i haven't seen one of those for years, Noah loved it, he would hang on want to go faster and faster.  I was actually getting sick watching them go around and around, but the boys were having fun so I just stopped watching!  We went out and had pizza for dinner that night, I thought it was pretty good, the pizza was huge it was crazy.

Saturday we spent most of the day out on the beach.  Ashton was really excited to go and play in the sand.  We got set up and just played in the sand and the water, until it was time to go in for Noah to have a nap and have some lunch.   The adult boys decided to play a game of 500 in the lawn, and I thought it was so funny how Ashton was trying to be a part of what they were doing.  He even had to take his shirt off just like all the big boys.

When Noah woke up we went back to the beach but it was a little windy and the water was to choppy to play in so we headed to the playground to play instead.  It was really nice to be so close to our condo when we wanted to go inside or anything it was a couple min walk. 

After dinner we played croquet and had some homemade ice cream, we tried to find some bear lake raspberries and mom wasn't able to find any fresh.  We ended up getting a 25lb bucket of frozen raspberries I guess the season this year was really short and there weren't many berries to sell. 

Aaron and Leland left Sunday morning, Aaron was anxious to get moved into his new place so they left so he could get going on that.  The rest of us just hung out for the day. 

I kept trying to get Ash and Noah to go the beach but they weren't having any of that they wanted the pool.  So we went to the pool, let me say I am spoiled with the pools we have here, where there is a huge wading area that is pretty shallow that they can play in, this was a normal pool with only a little area that was 3 ft.  The big attraction was the slide, they would slide down into our arms then do it again, and again, I could only take that for so long.  After the pool Noah wanted to play on the playground, I tried to convince him to get dressed first but he was not having that so I let him play in his wet swimming suit, while Ashton went back to the condo with grandpa to get dressed before he came back to play.  Noah didn't really get off the merry -go-round that whole time, we were there for over an hour.  I am still amazed at what a little dare devil that child is. 

After dinner we went mini golfing Jason and I didn't golf, after the last couple of experiences with the boys, we have discovered that we can't golf if they are with us, it truly takes two people to keep them contained and going like they need to.  I am still amazed at how cold it gets the minute the sun goes down, you defiantly need a jacket to keep warm.

Monday morning check out was at 10am (seriously the earliest check out I have ever heard of and I think I have done my fair share of traveling) so we had to be up and going pretty quickly.  Mom decided she wasn't ready to go home yet so she took Ashton and Noah with her and we had Tyson and Josh with us and we parted ways.  We got home and I was able to get unpacked and got the car washed by the time mom and Myron got there with Ashton and Noah.  We had a great weekend, and hope we can continue it as a tradition with a few tweaks for next year to make it even better.