Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1st day of Pre School

Ashton has been patiently waiting for pre school to start for a while now.  He started asking about pre school again about a month ago.  I guess the novelty of summer had worn off for him, and quite frankly it had for me too.  Don't get me wrong we have had a great summer and done some fun things but I was ready for our lives to be back on a predictable schedule. 

We switched pre schools this year, we had done Miss Gail last year and he loved that but she doesn't do anything different for older children it is just the same thing every year and I didn't want Ash to get bored or anything.  I had heard good things about Miss Beth at Buddy Bin so I decided that is what we were going to do.  It is a little farther away but still really close. 

There was an open house last night to go and meet the teacher I didn't want to take Noah with us, this was suppose to be all about Ashton, so I sent Jason with Ashton, seeings how I am going to be the one to take him all the time, I wanted Jason to at least meet the teacher and see where he was going to be on a regular basis.  Ash seemed pretty excited last night, at least until he said he didn't want to go to the new pre school he wanted to go to Miss Gails, I explained how we were going to go to a new pre school and he was going to have just as much fun.  I sent the camera along with Jason and told him he had to take some pictures.  I am so happy that he took the camera and kept the eye rolling to a minimum, he took some pretty cute pics too!

This morning I got up early so I could be ready to go and make breakfast for the boys and have them ready.  Imagine my shock when they both slept until after 8am, they are both always awake around 7 or 7:30, so we did have to rush a little at the end to be out the door, I have to remember we have a 5-10 min drive now, not a 2 min walk up the hill. 

Ashton was so excited and ready to go and I was so excited for him.  The only down side of today was that I knew Noah was going to throw a fit.  I was dropping Ash off at Buddy Bin, a place I have taken the boys on a few occasions to be babysat, and I knew he was going to want to go to.  Sure enough he was so heartbroken, he was so mad.  He screamed and carried on for quite a while before he calmed down.  I ended up taking Noah to Target we walked around and looked at toys and I let him pick out a $1 prize which totally made him happy, we went to a couple more stores just to look and ended up wasting the 2 hours and went to get Ashton. 

I had to take some pictures to remember what he looked like today.  I am thrilled that he cooperates for pictures now, but on the other hand he is in this stage where when I pull out the camera he says cheese and does this fake smile, I hate the fake smile.  It is a little hard to pull a real smile from him.  I guess it is a faze that will go away like all the other ones he has been through.

Ashton seemed to have a good time and he learned two new signs, for please and thank you,  I am hoping that this is going to be as much fun for him as it was last year.