Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This ones for you mom

So I know my mom checks my blog everyday and hopes for an update :)  I haven't been in the mood to blog lately so I haven't.  I am also not in the mood to upload any pictures so I am not at least not now, but here are a few of the things that have been happening around here lately. 

We celebrated the twins birthday this last weekend with a golf themed party, we all had fun with that. 

I had to make cupcakes for Lillians 90th birthday party, they turned out beautiful but sadly I didn't get a picture of them

Monday I picked something up off the floor in the office and a black widow was on it and I freaked out and scared the boys and had to kill this huge spider.  I managed to kill it but couldn't stand to pick it up off the floor so out came the vacuum.  I have to be honest here I have been totally freaked out since, I feel like there are spiders everywhere right now :(

I took the boys to Pottery Barn Kids to story time, they seemed to have a good time, Ashton sat and listened to the stories, Noah listen for a few minutes but then he was off playing with all the other fun toys around that store.

I had to make a new rule around here, the boys have been fighting pretty bad over toys lately so to solve the problem I now take away any toy that is being fought over and it gets put in timeout.  Of course it makes them both mad but they seem to move on, at least till the next toy.

Ashton asked Jason if he has a mom and dad and what they look like, so we had a talk about how they are dead and they are in heaven.  We showed the boys their picture that is in the living room and Ashton was full of questions, like how they died and why that happened.  It was kind of fun to listen to Jason explain all of this to the boys. 

Tuesday night after we got the yard mowed (after taking a 3 week break from mowing, the lawn was really really long) Jason showed Ashton how to ride a bike with no training wheels, He did AWESOME he totally got it.  Of course he is a little wobbly and whenever he would look to see if we were watching he would lose his balance, but for his first time with no training wheels I was so impressed.

I have the family room almost all painted I love the new color, it is a grey beige color.  I really wanted to go with a grey but with our tan couch it didn't look awesome so this is the perfect balance of grey and beige.  I have one wall left to go but it is the wall with the TV mounted on it so until we get the new TV stand it will have to wait.  I also need to get the stencil ordered to make my accent wall, I am pretty excited about it I hope it turns out as cool as I think it will. 

Along with the painting in the family room is new decor, it has always just been thrown together so I am excited for the direction I want to take it with lots of color, grey, yellow, blue, orange, green.  Now comes the fun part to find the cute decorating stuff.

I decorated for Halloween this week, I know it is a little early but I was ready for a change and I didn't want to wait so I didn't.  I got both the boys Halloween costumes ordered and they arrived, they are going to be the cutest pirates, I am also considering being a pirate also, we will see.

Last week we went to the Children's Museum with the Jones family it was so much fun we had lunch at Gateway then went to the museum, it was nice it was pretty empty with most kids still in school for the day. 

I have started planning for the boys party in November, we are doing a pirate theme and I am pretty excited about it, I have the invites done and some signs made I am trying to slowly get things bought and done, seeings as we have three birthdays in November.

Well I think that is all that has been going on over here for now.