Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day three

So this morning I woke up and Ashton and I got up had some breakfast and headed downstairs to watch some shows, all while Noah was still sleeping.  I let Ash choose a show to watch while I proceeded to delete over 1000 pictures from my phone so I could put another app on it.  For some reason I got extremely tired and ended up  falling asleep.  I didn't wake up until Noah woke up about 40 mins later.  We all had a lazy morning, then headed out for some lunch and a little shopping. 

We are still working on our summer to do list and so today we headed to the dollar store and I let the them each pick a prize.  Noah picked a red star balloon, Ashton picked this little fishing pole and all was happy till we got home.  Then Noah decided that he wanted the fishing pole, sometimes I wonder about these children, they fight over the dumbest $1 toys. 

After nap time we met up with some new friends at the park and after playing for about an hour we all went and got some dinner and headed to their house to eat and let the kids play.  Then it was off for some shaved ice and then home for baths and bedtime. 

I started packing for our camping trip we are leaving for tomorrow night.  I am excited it should be fun, I thought this would be a great time to go while Jason is gone, he doesn't like camping and the boys and I do.  So we get to go and it will be a good distraction to keep us busy for the weekend.