Saturday, July 9, 2011

Kids workshop

 The first saturday of the month Home Depot has these kids workshops, that the kids get an apron with their name, and get to make a little project and when finished they get a pin and a certificate.  We remembered about it last saturday at about 8:30 in the morning, so we hurried and got ready and off we went to Home depot.  The boys had a lot of fun, Jason helped Ashton with his project and I helped Noah.  Jason actually made Ashton do most of his by himself and only helped him a little when necessary.  I mostly did Noah's he did help with the hammering from time to time.

I tried to get him to smile and this is what I got, someday he will understand the sooner he cooperates the sooner mom will put down the camera.

Nice nose picking buddy!

Of course no outing would be complete without a melt down from Noah


Ariana said...

Oh the meltdown pictures make me laugh every time. :) You need a slideshow of them all. Then play it at his wedding. hahaha Love the Home Depot idea! Preston would love that. I'll have to send him and Jeff one of these days.

Lisa said...

super cute in those aprons! i have been slacking on blogs, i am back :)