Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy 4th

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Park City with Mom and Myron.  I love spending time in Park City, it is close but yet it feels like we are on vacation so close to home.  We rented a condo for the weekend and had a blast.  We headed up Sat afternoon and we got all unpacked and headed to dinner.  Unfortunately Myron had to work Sat night so he wasn't able to stay and have dinner with us he had to head home and go to work.  So Mom and us headed to dinner at Baja Cantina, it was yummy as always. We needed a few things at the store so Jason and I headed to the store and we got what we needed and a few fireworks to light off, we came back home and did a few fireworks which the boys loved. 

Sunday we got up and waited for Myron to get there then we headed to PCMR and did the Alpine slide, and Alpine coaster.  None of us had done the coaster before so we were pretty excited.  We had to fib a little, the cut off age for passengers was 3 but there was no way that Noah was going to let Ashton ride and not him so we let him ride and he LOVED it, he rode with Jason and he kept saying faster, faster daddy.  He is definitely our little dare devil.  Ashton rode with me and he didn't want to go super fast so I had to slow down a little, but it was still fun.  We let the boys ride some of the little kiddie rides and then we did the alpine slide, it was fun as usual. 

Once we were down the mountain we tried to get Noah to cooperate and he threw a huge fit. We then realized how late it was, it was past lunch time and it was nap time, so we left and headed back to the condo for lunch and naps. Once that happened we had a happy boy again, the boys wanted to get in the hot tub so we got in our bathing suits and all hopped in for a little bit.

I wasn't going to make Ashton have a nap, because when he does it usually means he will be up way to late, but he must of been tired because one minute he was playing and the next he was in the chair sleeping.

Then we headed back to the resort to meet Aaron who had decided to come and stay for the night, we rode the coaster again with Aaron and the boys did some miniature golfing and rode some more of the rides with grandma.  Finally we decided we were done and headed back to have dinner.  Myron had to leave again and head back home, he had to be at work first thing in the morning for the parade, so he headed home and we played some games till we headed to bed.

Ashton being the friendly kid he is quickly made a friend while we were up riding the coaster again.  Mom said that they were really cute going from one ride to another and playing together.  It so doesn't suprise me Ash loves to make friends where ever he goes.

Noah was loving Uncle Aaron throwing him in the air, liked I said he is our little thrill seeker.

I am still hoping for the day when the boys will cooperate for pictures and we can have a decent family pciture taken, but until then I guess this will have to do.

Monday the 4th we got up and got ready and headed to the parade, it was a little crazy finding a parking spot but we lucked out and got one pretty quickly and headed to the parade, we found a spot to sit on the road right as the parade started coming by.  I love the parade in park city it isn't fancy with lots of floats, but it is fun and quirky just like park city.  The boys loved it which is all the matters. 

Typical screaming Noah and Ashton not paying any attention to what is happening

Josh decided to come up for a few hours so we met him after the parade and headed back to have some lunch and decide what to do for the rest of the day.  After lunch and nap time we went for a little walk and found the perfect spot to watch fireworks later that night and the best part was we could walk to it and not have to deal with the traffic part of it.  Then the boys and I found a little trail behind the condos and we did some hiking for a little while, the boys had a blast.  At one point I had to make Noah slow down he was running up the hill so fast I couldn't keep up with him and see where he was going. 

My boys are so lucky to have so many uncles, and they take full advantage of being the center of attention when ever they can.

Myron made it back and was able to stay for the rest of the trip which was nice, we had a yummy dinner of chicken kabobs, corn on the cob, baby potatoes, and salad.  Then it was time for the fireworks.  We did get a little sprinkling of rain but not bad, we had awesome seats up the hillside looking down on the fireworks.  The boys had so much fun but were ready for bed when they were done, Noah told me he wanted his binky and to go to sleep.  I think the biggest highlight of the trip for the boys was the fact that they got to sleep in bunk beds. 

While waiting for the big fire works to go off Jason was lighting some little ones, everyone was watching for the little parachutes to come down.

We got up the next morning and headed home, it was a fun relaxing weekend, we had one major meltdown with Noah but that is to be expected with that one, but it was also our fault for not keeping better track of time.  It was also a bummer not having Myron being able to be there the whole time, but hopefully next year that won't be the case.