Monday, July 11, 2011

Daily updates

So Jason left today for Brazil, he will be gone for 10 days so I thought that while he was gone I would make an attempt to update what we have been doing everyday so Jason will have an idea as to what we did while he was gone. 

We dropped Jason off at the airport and headed to Costco, we needed diapers and wipes.  The boys wanted to eat lunch there so we did.  We headed home and while I was putting everything away, Ashton said he needed to have a little nap it was almost 1:00 so I figured sure whatever, so he laid down and so did Noah.  Ashton slept for about and 1 1/2 and woke up and hung out with me till Noah woke up. 

For dinner we had a picnic outside and when the boys finished I decided since it was overcast and a little bit cooler I would get the lawn mowed it was really long.  The boys played around while I was mowing and when I was finished we went and got a shaved ice. Ashton got his usual orange, so did Noah, I got a grape.  Noah ended up throwing a fit over something stupid and only ate about half his shaved ice.  Then we headed to the grocery store for a few things, the nit was home and to bed for the boys. 

Overall it was a good day, so once day down only 9 more to go.  We miss you Daddy!