Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 5, 6,7

Okay so I got a little behind in my posting everyday so Jason would know what we were up to while he was in Brazil, but in my defense I did go camping and I wasn't about to bring my laptop to blog while we were gone.  So Thursday we left and headed up to Wasatch State Park up in Heber, it is so beautiful there, I followed Dad up in my car while he drove the RV with the 4 wheelers, behind him.  We got there and got settled and then we roasted hot dogs for dinner.  The boys were so excited to be camping they were having so much fun going in and out of the RV and just exploring all around. 

We woke up Fri and I made breakfast and then got a few things packed and headed out on the 4 wheelers, we headed up snake creek canyon and unloaded the 4 wheelers and headed out.   Last year Noah was deathly afraid of them and wasn't going to go anywhere near them, but this year he was thrilled to ride.  We rode to Cascade Springs, I had Noah with me and Ashton was riding with Dad and Val on the other one.  Noah loved the 4 wheelers, a few times I had to slow down a bit and he would say "faster mommy, go"  if it got bumpy he would laugh and tell me "bumpy".  We got off and walked around Cascade Springs, and that was also beautiful, I had never been there at least that I could remember anyways.  When we left we switched kids so Ashton rode with me and Noah with Grandpa and Nana or (Nanny as Noah calls her).  We stopped at Little Deer Creek campground to have a snack before heading home, and some guy came by and needed some help so dad and Val went to help and the boys and I stayed behind, they had fun playing and made friends with another little boy there camping.  Finally they made it back and we headed on our way.  Val was driving with Noah in front of her and Dad as a passenger and we rode for quite a while before we had to stop, Noah had fallen asleep in Val's arm and she had one wrapped around Noah and she needed to switch places and have dad drive.  We had so much fun it was so beautiful and green I loved every minute of it, well I take that back the dirt and dust in my face the whole way wasn't awesome, but it is the price you pay being in the back. 

we relaxed for a while in camp and then Dad and I went to the driving range and Val took the boys to the park, the boys ended up in the water and soaking wet when we went to pick them, up it was a good thing we had extra clothes.  Ashton kept saying how he wanted to go fishing and when I told him we didn't have a fishing pole he got really really sad.  That was when grandpa said he had a fishing pole and that they could go fishing tomorrow, so then he was better.  I was so grateful that Dad and Val were willing to take us camping it was the perfect distraction while Jason was gone. 

Sat we got up and had breakfast and then headed to the pond down the road for some fishing.  Ashton was pretty thrilled and excited about fishing and I am surprised how long that lasted, he sat for a long time waiting and waiting.  Noah on the other hand had to try it and he sat for a few minutes then he was playing and he couldn't stop reeling in the line.  So he went off and played with Nanny.  We unfortunately didn't catch a fish we had a few bites and almosts but in the end left empty handed but that was okay I wasn't about to eat any fish anyways. 

We headed back to camp and got everything packed up and headed home.  I drove the expo home with the trailer behind me, I was a little nervous at first I had never done that before but it worked out just fine.  We had so much fun camping and I seriously can't wait to go again, if only Jason was more of a fan!  We unloaded everything and got it loaded back in my car and the boys and I headed to mom's house.  We were going to stay the night there I was going to help her with a little project.  No one was home when we got there, Ashton found this new play house outside that mom had just bought and he was pretty excited about it.  I told the boys " I don't know where grandma was" Ashton said " Maybe grandma is out buying more stuff for us"  I laughed and said maybe, that boy is too smart for his own good.  Anyways I got the boys settled with a movie and I got in the shower, and got some laundry started. 
We spent the rest of the day playing outside, the boys were in the pool, and grandpa and Josh put the new little playhouse together.  Mom decided that the boys needed a bigger pool so off we went to get them a bigger one, one store ended up being three stores but we did find a good one.  Later that night Myron was a good sport and watch the boys while mom and I went and got pedicures, this makes for two months in a row that we have gotten pedicures, i could totally get use to this again. 

Sunday mom offered to take the boys with them to church so I took her up on that offer that let me have 3 hours of wonderful, peaceful me time.  I ended up going to Target and trying on a bunch of clothes, and shoes, and I even stumbled on some great sales with stuff 80% off so I felt like I scored.  We spent the day there and we headed home around 8:00, things were good and I was in a good mood, then we got home.  I opened the door and I was hit by this wave of heat.  It was 92 degrees in the house, and the a/c unit was frozen up.  I had to turn it off and open all the windows and turn the fan on.  I was immediately in an awful mood, I was even mad at Jason for minute because he wasn't home to take care of this for me.  Anyways I ended up going to Walmart (only because Kmart and Target were closed) at 9:45pm to get a couple of fans to help get us through the night.  I put the boys in one room with a fan and I got a fan.  I ended up not going to bed till midnight and I was able to turn the a/c back on but the house was still 89 degrees so it was still awfully hot.  It took all night to cool the house down, it was still 74 degrees when we woke up normally it is 68 degrees (we like it cold to sleep at night).  I was grateful it was something simple and I was able to fix it but it still sucked to come home to that.