Thursday, August 15, 2013


So a while back we were having dinner at my dad's house and I spoke up and said we should plan a family camping trip with everyone.  Everyone thought it was a good idea so dad got out a calendar to find a weekend that would work.  It took a while to find one that would work with most people and so set that date aside.  Well most everyone was able to make it the only ones who didn't were Jason and Leland.  It was a fun weekend we got up to the campground we stayed at Diamond campground up Spanish Fork canyon.  I got there around 5pm, Dad and Val were already there and had the camp mostly set up.  They had brought Gabe and Sydney (Val's other grandchildren) which my boys were so happy about cause that meant they had friends to play with.  Aaron showed up not long after I did.  We got our stuff set up and we walked around the campground and bit and had dinner and finally dad was able to get the motor home at least into the camping spot.  They had some trouble with it overheating and not wanting to get started again.  We roasted hot dogs for dinner and just enjoyed the beautiful night.  It was definitely warmer than I expected it to be.  Aaron was the awesome uncle and let the boys sleep with him in his tent.  I wasn't going to argue, I was fine with just Caitlin with me.  I wasn't sure how well she would do anyways and the last thing I needed was three kids awake at night instead of just one.  turns out it was good the boys slept with Aaron because Caitlin didn't sleep that great I had to finally put her in bed with me and she finally slept a little bit better. 

Saturday Nicole, Jonah, Lindsay and Jesse who is about Caitlin's age came up for the day.  Dad had brought the 4 wheelers and we were going to go for a ride.  But first they went to try a little fishing in the river by the camp but no one had much luck, which wasn't surprising with all the rock and sticks that had been thrown in the water.  kids and fishing not always a good mix.  After lunch everyone left to go ride the 4 wheelers.  Val and I stayed back with the two babies, there wasn't enough 4 wheelers for everyone anyways.  It was nice to just sit and visit with Val and chill for a while.  Caitlin actually took a decent nap so I was able to have a little bit of down time with no kids I enjoyed it thoroughly.  Once everyone got back dad wanted to know if I was ready to go on a ride but it was almost time to feed Caitlin again so I had to wait.  Then Ang and JD and their boys showed up they started dinner and we had dinner and Dad asked again after dinner if I wanted to go on a ride, but once again it was time to feed Caitlin so I couldn't leave her so dad took Val, Angela, JD, Ashton, and Gage and they went for a ride.  Aaron and I stayed behind with the rest of the kids.  Nicole and Jonah were still there for a little bit then they had to head home.  I was bummed to not get to go on a ride but that it what happens with a nursing baby, your life revolves around that baby and their eating schedule.  We sat around the fire for quite a while after the kids went to sleep, I don't know why it is so peace and nice to just sit and look at a fire, but it is such a peaceful thing I love it. 

Sunday we got up had breakfast and played for a little bit before breaking down camp.  I had hoped that I would be able to get a ride in, but everyone seemed anxious to get home.  We finally got everything all packed up and I tried to start my car to leave and the battery was dead.  My phone had died so I had plugged it in to charge for a few minutes and it killed the car battery.  Dad was able to jump me and then we were on our way.  It was a fun trip and I am so glad we went.  It was a little hard with Caitlin, I had brought the bumbo so she had a place to sit which was helpful, but she had to be held a lot.  The boys had so much fun and were plenty dirty when we got home.  I hope we can maybe make this a yearly thing I think it would be fun for the family.  I know it seems like Ashton wasn't there, he was I promise I guess he just wasn't around any time I pulled out my phone to take pictures.