Sunday, August 25, 2013

27 weeks

This was our last week before the boys go back to school so I tried to have something planned every day, even if it was just meeting friends at the park or something.  We went to Wheeler Farms, went to chick-fil-a and just hung out with friends as much as we could this last week.  Caitlin for the most part is such a good baby to go along with whatever.  She has gotten better in the car sometimes she still throws fits when we strap her in her car seat but once we get moving she is usually fine.  I have found if she gets super fussy in the car I turn on a baby Einstein and she is fine.  She has started to reach out for me when I hold my arms out for her.  She does prefer me to anyone else, but she does love her daddy.  She gives him the biggest smiles when he comes into the room.  She also loves grey, she gets super excited when she comes around and she will grab handfuls of her fur.  Grey puts up with it for a few minutes then she is gone.  The cats still sleep under Caitlin's crib which I am fine with as long as they stay under the crib and not in it.  We are still working on getting her to take a bottle, so far she is still putting up a huge fight and won't take one.  But I want to be done with the nursing.  Things she has grown out of already, the swing I rarely put her in it anymore so I figure I should put it away.  The play mat, she is to busy rolling all over the place to get much use of it these days.  She is usually on a blanket with toys or in the exersaucer. 

I bought her a new bracelet the other day.  Her other one was looing kind of rough, since I never take it off.  I figured the first one lasted 6 months so I figured this one would last about that long too.