Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ashton's rough week

So a few weeks ago, one Sunday afternoon the boys were rough housing and Noah kicked Ashton's front tooth out.  The tooth was loose, so Noah helped it along.  After Ashton got over the shock and the blood he was mighty excited to have the tooth fairy come and visit. 

Two days later the boys were playing inside and I was upstairs in my room and I heard screaming.  I didn't really think much of it cause there is a lot of screaming at my house.  But it kept on going so I was coming to check it out and Ashton had slipped on the wood floor and hit his head on the stair post and had blood all over his head.  You know how head wounds bleed a ton.  I took him in the bathroom and got it cleaned up the best I could and decided he might need stitches, it wasn't very long but it was really wide.  So I sent Tate (the boys friend home) and packed up all three kids and headed to insta care, right after I called his pediatrician and the nurse said she doesn't touch head wounds.  An hour and a half later we finally saw the Dr and Ashton got three stitches.  He handled the whole situation really well right up until the end.  We got checked in and taken back fairly quickly, they put the numbing stuff on his head and said we had to wait 20 mins for it to numb the area then the Dr could check it out and do the stitches.  So we went back to the waiting room, I feed Caitlin and we waited and waited for almost an hour before they called us back to the room.  We got into the room and the nurse said the Dr would be in shortly.  We waited for another 30 mins or so, by this time the kids were all restless.  The boys had looked at all the books they wanted and they were tired of being cooped up in this tiny room.  Caitlin was being pretty good but I was having to hold her and pace the room to keep her happy finally the nurse came back and said we were moving to another room for the Dr to do the stitches.  We waited a few more minutes and the Dr finally came in and looked and confirmed we needed stitches.  She started to clean the wound and Ashton said it hurt she then had to give him a shot to numb it again.  This is where he lost it, he started to cry and was really upset and there wasn't much I could do to comfort him while I was also holding Caitlin.  They gave him the shot and he screamed and then the stitches went in.  They were really nice and gave the boys otter pops, but I was still annoyed we had been there that long. 

The very next day while they boys were outside playing Ashton came running in and he had his other front tooth in his hand.  He had knocked it out by hitting his face on the stroller in the garage.  Not exactly sure what he did, he was just being clumsy.  Ashton was thrilled that the tooth fairy was going to visit him again so soon.  This time the tooth fairy gave him a bionicle he was so happy when he woke up and saw his prize. 

Now as if this wasn't enough for the poor kid to endure 4 days later while playing outside he stepped on one of the go karts and pushed it out from under him and knocked yet another tooth loose.  It was already loose but he knocked it loose so that it was just barely hanging on by a tiny piece of his gum.  I had to talk him into letting me pull it out, but he let me in the end.  The tooth fairy left him a little extra money this time and a note thanking him for all the teeth he had given her this last week.  After this last tooth I kind of threatened him, that he better not loose any more because the tooth fairy needs to go to other houses and not spend so much time at our house.