Thursday, August 15, 2013


So Caitlin and I tagged along with Jason on his annual conference, this year it was in Nashville.  Mom was going to watch the boys but she had to go to Canada to take care of her parents, but luckily Val was still off work so she was able and happy to take the boys for us.  I was pretty excited to go and have a break from home and see somewhere new. 

Dad came and picked up the boys and then we headed to the airport.    We made it to the airport and got through the very long security line and made it to our gate.  I went to take Caitlin out of the stroller for a few minutes while we were waiting to board the plane.  I noticed she had a poop blow out, it wasn't horrible but enough that I had to take her to the bathroom and change her clothes.  I decided to put her pj's on instead of another outfit.  We were landing in Nashville around 9:30 so I decided it would be easiest if she was already in her pj's. 

Caitlin did really good for her first flight, I had timed her feedings right so I nursed her as we took off and then she slept for a little bit and then I just had to entertain her for the rest of the flight.  Jason and I were not sitting together, he came and got her for a few minutes but the minute she started to fuss he brought her right back.  But overall she did really good.  We got to the hotel pretty late and got checked in, we had been upgraded to a two room suite which worked out perfectly for us we were able to put Caitlin in the sitting room so we could be awake in the bedroom.  It also gave us two bathrooms which was nice since the bathrooms were pretty small.  We stayed at The Gaylord Opryland Hotel, it was a huge amazing hotel. I seriously didn't leave the hotel for days, before I got bored and needed to see something else.  There was shopping, restaurants, boats, plenty to see, and a bonus was there was a huge shopping mall just a short ten min walk away. 

it was a pretty low key trip for us, Jason was super busy we only saw him at night for dinner.  Caitlin and I would get up in the morning and hang out in the room I would get ready when she was napping then we would head out for lunch and to explore for a while then it was back to the room for her afternoon nap.  I tried to keep to her schedule as much as possible, but one day she had her nap in the stroller at the mall after I had feed her.  It actually worked out great she slept long enough for me to get a pedicure.

 At night we would meet Jason for dinner and when Caitlin had enough and needed to go to bed I would head back to the room.  The final night of the conference we all dressed up I was excited for Caitlin's dress she looked so dang cute and was the hit of the party.  She was really fussy through most of dinner and I was thinking I was going to have to go back to the room.  But once the show started she calmed down and lasted through the whole show.  Which was nice, but once it was over I had to get her to bed.

 Jason stayed out and partied till super late, which he totally deserved after the long week had put in.  We stayed one extra day so we spent Sunday lounging in the room and then by the pool.  We decided to walk back to the mall to the Mexican restaurant Chuys, which we had eaten at already once that week but it was so good we went back.  The next morning we headed home.  I didn't get to see as much as I had thought I would but it was still a very nice getaway, but I was also ready to come home and see the boys I had missed them a ton.  which is weird because usually I don't miss them when I get away, it is usually such a needed break for me I just enjoy the down time.