Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My birthday

I know this was almost two months ago but I can't let this event go without blogging about it.  My mom had offered to take the boys for the weekend as my bday present.  I was thrilled with that and was looking forward to spending the weekend with Jason and baby girl.  Jason asked what I wanted to do for the weekend, so I told him I wanted to go to Tepanyaki for dinner and then go to the Farmers market Saturday morning.  So my birthday weekend started off by going golfing Friday afternoon with my dad and brothers, while Val watched the kids.  It was a fun afternoon and I didn't do too horrible seeing how I haven't golfed in a year.  It was a great way to start off the weekend. 

When Jason got home we went to dinner at Tepanyaki and it was so yummy.  Once done with dinner we went to Costco (I know so exciting) but it was fun to wonder around and not have kids bugging us.  I wasn't quite ready to go home so we stopped for some ice cream before heading home. 

Saturday we got up and Jason left to run a few errands and came home with cupcakes for me.  So We ate cupcakes for breakfast, they were so yummy.

 We then got going and went to the farmers market in SLC, it was fun just hanging out with two of us and Caitlin just went along with what we did, she was such an easy baby.  We left and went and got some lunch and ran some errands, not to terribly exciting but it was so fun without dragging two boys along and keeping try to keep them happy.

We then headed home to get cleaned up and then go to dinner.  While at home Jason found some playhouse he wanted to go look at, I was all game for it the only down side was that it was down in Utah county.  He asked if there was somewhere down there we would want to go to dinner.  I suggested going to Sundance, I figured it was my birthday and that would be fun.  So we got ready but right before we left I needed to feed Caitlin before we left otherwise we would of had a screaming baby.  Once she was feed we headed down, along the way Jason started having some issues and he needed to find a bathroom. I suggested we could stop at my mom's house and he could go then we could go on our way.  So Caitlin and I came in with him, there was no way my mom would let us just wait in the car, I figured we would be in and out in a few minutes.  I walked in the front door and through to the kitchen and no one was inside and I was looking through the patio doors and I saw someone who looked like my friend Chelsea, but I knew it couldn't be her cause why would she be at my mom's house.  But then I saw her baby, then I saw other people.  My first thought was that my mom was having a dinner party and didn't tell me about it and I was feeling bad because she had my boys.  Then I walked in the backyard and I finally noticed all the people and they were all my friends.  Jason and my mom had pulled off a surprise party for me!!  I was so floored and impressed that they pulled it off.  I couldn't believe all the people that had come, Chelsea and her family, Korie and her family, Emily and her family, Jeff and Travis, Lisa and her girls, my brothers, and Carly, Angela and Family, my dad and Val and grandma slaughter.  I was so surprised. 

It was a luau themed party, the food of course was amazing I wouldn't expect anything else from my mom.  The whole back yard was decorated and the kids were having a blast playing in the yard with all the fun toys my mom has gotten for the grandkids.  I spent the night trying to visit with everyone and it was such a fun night.  People slowly started leaving and the only people left at the end of the night was Chelsea and Marvin it was nice to sit and visit and just relax and hang out.  We had such a great time.  The whole night was such a fun and amazing night, I am stilled so amazed that so many people drove as far as they did just to come for my party.  I felt very loved, and it was a great way to celebrate my 35th birthday. I wish I had taken more photos but I actually only took a couple, I know my mom took some so one day I will get them from her. 

Jerzie wanted a picture of her wearing the real lei that I got instead of the fake ones everyone else had to wear.

Baby girl got passed around to lots of people