Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ashton's first day of 1st grade

So Ashton was pretty excited to start school again this year and I have to say so was I.  I was ready for a routine and have some quiet during the day time.  Ashton's grade is unusually large and so the school was suppose to hire a 5th 1st grade teacher, well that didn't happen so they decided to do a 1st/2nd grade split class.  The principal asked if we were okay having Ashton in that class, they had choose students who had higher test scores and who they thought they would do good in the class, because they will be pushed along at a faster pace than a normal 1st grade class.  We decided that overall it would be good for Ashton so we gave our permission.  At first he wasn't thrilled about it, I think it was just because he was nervous about the 2nd graders. 

So the first day of school we were all excited and happy about school starting and we headed out walking to school.  As we got closer to the school Ashton got a little quieter and quieter, by the time we got to the school he was glued to my side and when I tried to talk to him he was whispering and I couldn't even hear him.  We finally found his class and meet his teacher and found his desk, hung up his back pack and sat down.  He was really quiet and I could barely get a smile out of him.  I could tell he was pretty nervous.  I took a couple more pictures and said I would be waiting for him outside when school was over. 

We headed home and Noah of course had to play on the playground for a few minutes before heading home.  The first day was early out so he got done by 1:25, we went to meet him and when he walked out of school, he had a smile on his face.  He had a good day, and was excited he knew a few kids in his class from last year.  I am hoping that this will be a good year for us and for Ashton. 

The first day that Ashton was gone until 3:30 Noah spent all day asking when Ashton was going to be home.  He was a little lonely, he did find some friends to play with the first day but that will soon change when pre school starts for everyone.