Thursday, August 15, 2013

Go Karts

So this has been the summer of the go karts.  Jason bought one and that started a chain reaction and he bought another one, then another and another.  Three of them are the same and one is bigger and goes much faster.  These go karts have been the hit of the neighborhood, I have kids all the time asking if they can ride them.  For the first couple of weeks I was fine with it, but now at the end of the summer I am getting annoyed with the knocks at the door asking if they can take the go karts out.  I now only let them come out if my boys are outside and they are using them too.  I know Jason is also getting annoyed with having to fix them, it seems like every day there is something needing to be fixed from, flat tires to broken ball bearing, and front axles needing to be replaced.  Jason has had fun trying to fix them and riding the big one himself. 


Emma Mercer said...

The knocks at the door asking if they can take the go karts out made me laugh. I can just imagine kids lining up at your door asking for your go-kart and the fixing. It must be really annoying already. Well, at least you made some kids happy with your go-kart.