Thursday, December 5, 2013

Lego Party

So when I was planning the boys birthday party this year I was originally going to do an art party so I could do all things rainbow for Noah.  But when it got closer I ended up choosing a Lego party for them, because they are both so into Lego's right now.  I made Lego shaped crayons for a party favor and then we had Lego cake pops and cupcakes.  I made a banner and did a few decorations and called it good.  I pulled out the boys Lego's for the kids to build with and we had a pinata. 

I kept the party pretty simple, I let the kids build Lego's till everyone got here. 

I had only planned one or two things I figured the kids would like playing more than they would want to play games.  I had put Lego's in a jar and had them  guess how many there were.  Out of all the kids
I was shocked when Jerzie actually guess it right. 

Then we headed down to the basement to do the piñata.  The kids were pretty excited it took a few minutes to get it ready and in the mean time the kids played with all the toys in the basement.  The piñata kept breaking and not the way we wanted.  After much too long I just broke it open and dumped the candy on the kids. 

We came back up stairs and opened presents, it was pretty chaotic but the kids were having fun.  The boys got lots of Lego's and they were pretty happy about that. 

After presents we had cupcakes and treats then we still had an hour till it was time to go home.  So Netflix to the rescue I put on a Lego video and the kids watched the movie and played with toys till it was time to go home.  While the party turned out great, I think in the future I will not have 20+ children for a party at home.  It is too crazy and hard to keep everyone happy and entertained.  It will be easier to go somewhere like Kangaroo Zoo or Jump on it where the kids can just run and play. 

I do have to give a big thank you to my mom and Myron who came and helped out.  They helped with Caitlin and anything else I needed.  It was a huge help since Jason was sick in bed and wasn't able to help at all.  I seriously couldn't of done the party without their help.