Friday, December 6, 2013

42 Weeks

This week was the most challenging to get a picture yet.  She did not want to stay still so I could get a picture.  She was a stinker at one point I even tried using my foot to keep her still. 
Caitlin has reached the stage where people she doesn't know scare her.  People will smile at her and she will cry and start searching for me.  Most of the time I just laugh its pretty funny.  She is definitely a mommas girl. 
I seriously had forgotten how hard babies are at this age, she is into everything!  She goes after the cat food all the time, she makes a bee line for Ashton's room whenever she can(we don't let her in there very often.  That's where all the Lego's are and she puts anything she can in her mouth) Then there is the Christmas tree, I only put a few ornaments on the bottom branches cause I knew she would be difficult with it, and I was right.  I put up two little trees upstairs for the boys to decorate and put out all their ornaments on the tree.  It had been up two days and Caitlin pulled the one over and broke one of Ashton's ornaments. 
I have started feeding her the baby food in the pouches, where she can just suck it out.  Seriously those things are the best things ever.  She eats much better with those than if I try to feed her baby food with a spoon.  She is still such a great eater.