Monday, December 30, 2013

45 Weeks

This was a big week for Caitlin, she had her first Christmas. I kept it simple for her with only a couple gifts, and Santa brought her a car seat. She kind of ripped the paper off her presents but we did have to help her. She still won't eat baby food, she wants what we eat. She is starting to be more brave with standing on her own, and taking a few steps. She has decided that she doesn't want to take naps during the day. She will sleep for a short time but then wakes up. She still needs to sleep, and because she won't sleep during the day she wants to go to bed by 6-6:30 which is just a hard time to put her down. I know I keep saying this but, it is getting harder and harder to get these pictures. She wont stay still at all.  I decided that this week I was going to embrace the fact that she won't be still.  Well it was that or prolong what was taking way to long to get one decent photo.  Besides it was that or the one that she was screaming in.

You would think that with that look on her face it was sheer torture to lay down and have your picture taken!