Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

The kids woke us up at their normal time about 7:30, Noah was up first and then Ashton, and they went and got Caitlin out of her crib.  They were so very excited and could hardly wait for us to get downstairs.  As we were walking down the stairs Ashton kept trying to look into the family room to see if Santa had come.

We started with the stockings, and let the kids go through those first, they were excited but they wanted to go right for the presents this year.  I had Ashton pass all the presents out to everyone first.

 We had Caitlin open one of hers first so that she would have something to play with while we opened the rest of the presents, that helped for a little bit, but she just wanted to be in the middle of everything.

I loved her response to the rocking bear, she loved it and would lay her head down on it when we put her on it.

The boys seemed to love everything, especially Noah who more than once said, with his hands up in the air, this is the best Christmas ever!!  he is so dramatic.

Both boys got lots of Lego's, this year and the big present was the wii u with a bunch of skylanders figurine for it.  I know the boys were excited about the wii u but once Jason got it out and started playing with it he was hooked, I think he will be playing almost as much as the boys.

The boys were pretty excited to help open Caitlin's big present from Santa, they were less impressed when they found out it was a car seat.

I tried for a picture of all the kids, the boys cooperated but Caitlin wanted nothing to do with it,  Oh well I guess there is always next year.

After opening presents we had to quickly get ready to go to Dad and Val's for brunch, we had to be there at 11:00.  We were a little late leaving our house, it was 10:30 when we left, but due to my excessive speeding we made great time and got there only about 10 mins late.  We had a wonderful brunch and visiting with family for a couple of hours.  I don't know what I was thinking I didn't take one picture.  Then we headed over to moms house for dinner that evening.

The boys were not happy about going to grandmas house they wanted to go home, which you have to understand that is not normal for the boys, they love being at grandmas house, but they just wanted to be home with all the new toys.  Once we were there they were just fine.  We had a wonderful meal again at moms house and they kids got to open their present from grandma and grandpa.  Noah loved the cardboard airplane it was fun watching him play in it, and Caitlin loved the baby doll.

I wanted to get a family picture of us before it was too late and everyone was too grouchy.

There was a bunch pictures with silly hats and Caitlin

The boys were pretty excited to get home and get to play with their new toys for a little bit before heading to bed.  We had a wonderful Christmas this year and were blessed to be able to spend it with our family and loved ones.