Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve

This year we decided to have Christmas eve at our house.  We have the space for it and it is easier for us not to have to go back and forth to Utah county two days in a row.  We always do a celebration on Christmas eve with Myron's side of the family but this year at the last minute, (like Christmas eve) no one was able to make it I was sad for Myron that his family choose not to spend time with him on the holidays.  But in the end all that matters is that he has his family around him that loves him and wants to spend time with him.

We kept the menu simple with soup, sandwiches, cheese ball, crackers, beef stick and a relish tray.  It was nice to be at our house and the kids had fun with everyone around.

Mom and Myron came up earlier in the afternoon and brought huge gingerbread men for the boys to decorate.  They had fun with that and of course Noah wanted his to look just like the picture.

Mom brought up some luminaries and we lined the sidewalk and driveway with them, they were really fun.

We tried to get pictures of us but of course there was at least one child that didn't want to cooperate.  This was the best that we could get.

We had to get one with the grandparents and then the uncles.  There wasn't one that was great of everyone so I choose the best ones.  Ashton is doing this silly head up thing, I wish he would stop it makes him look funny.

We did our gift exchange but with only 4 kids involved it wasn't as exciting as it has been in the past.  Santa brought jammie's for the whole family and the boys were excited to put them on right away.

I almost forgot to get a shot of all of us, and when I did remember Caitlin was already in bed but we tried to get one anyways.  Of course Noah was his silly self, at least he isn't screaming.

Ashton actually not long after this picture was taken put himself to bed, that was just one more indication that he wasn't feeling good.  Once we got all the kids to bed we were able to get Christmas out.  I hadn't put any presents out because of Caitlin, I put a couple out one day and she was all over them so I decided to wait.
I always get so excited about getting everything out and thinking about how excited the kids are going to be in the morning.