Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Jason's birthday

So this year Jason was lucky enough to share his birthday with Thanksgiving.  I tried to make the day as special for him as I could.  I made him his favorite French toast for breakfast and then he asked for a carrot cake from Kneaders for his cake.  I did feel a little strange going and buying a cake and not making one but that was what he wanted. 

It was very handy having all the family around for his birthday so everyone got to celebrate with him too.

 I planned a little party for him on Saturday after thanksgiving.  Mom and Myron came and got the kids and kept them overnight.  I was a little hesitant on sending them, because mom was leaving Sunday morning for Canada and I was nervous with how Caitlin was going to do for her first time at grandma's house.  But my mom insisted on taking them so we sent them on their way.  Caitlin did great and had so much fun at grandmas house, but I missed the little stinker, she is always around and it felt weird not having her at home. 

So anyways back to Jason's party we had a few friends over for some food and drinks.  It was a fun night, I hope Jason had fun and knows how much I love him!