Sunday, December 15, 2013

43 Weeks

This week she has decided that she doesn't like baby food, she takes on or two bites and is done and wont eat any more.  She wants to eat real people food, I forgot how much more work it is finding food for her to eat that she won't choke on.  She still loves almost any food, so that is nice.
She has gotten another little cold, her little nose just runs and runs, she hates to get it wiped and her nose is a little red from all the wiping.
She has also been weird about her formula this week, she has been drinking 8 oz for a while, this week she won't finish a bottle, she drinks anywhere from 3-6 oz and that is all.  It is getting a little annoying I feel like we are wasting a lot of formula.  I am going back to making 6 oz and hopefully that will help.