Sunday, December 15, 2013

10 months

I can't believe it has been 10 months already, the time has just flown by.  Caitlin is such a fun baby and we love that she is the end of our family.
Some fun highlights about her right now:
She has decided this last week that she doesn't like baby food, she only wants real people food.  I have mixed feelings about this, it is so easy to open a container and feed her, now I have to make sure she has something soft enough to chew and won't choke on.  It just takes a little more work and planning.
She loves all things electronic, just like her brothers and father.
She has got this little attitude that comes out at times.
She is a great sleeper at night, during the day it is a little bit more hit and miss.
She is cruising along things and has even stood alone for a few seconds already.  I am pretty sure she will be walking by the time she is one.
She was a little terror with the Christmas tree the first little bit, but not she pretty much leaves it alone.
She pretty much leaves the stairs alone.  She comes close something to the edge, but most of the time she just leaves them alone.  I know she knows how to go up them, but she hasn't figured out the going down yet. She is a mommas girl, but also loves her daddy.
She has had one overnight at Grandmas' house, and she did great.
She is saying, mama, dada, yaya, and hi.  It is the cutest thing when she says hi
She waves hi and goodbye.
She has a little soft baby, and she gives it loves and kisses.
She likes to look at her clothes and help me pick out her clothes for the day (she tends to lean towards pink, not sure if that is a coincidence or not)

I just had to add this picture in because this is so her right now, she makes this face all the time.