Tuesday, December 11, 2012

my boys birthdays

So I we kind of have this unwritten rule about only having big parties every other year, and this year was an off year.  Which was going to work out great with us moving and all.  But as it was getting closer to the boys birthday I started to feel bad about not doing anything for them, especially since we were going to be moving on Ashton's birthday.  Then Ashton was talking to my mom and was saying how sad he was that we were moving on his birthday and he wanted to have a party.  Major mom guilt hit me so I quickly threw together a party for the boys.  Luckily it had snowed the weekend before and I thought a sledding party would be perfect.  We invited about 8 friends and had them come over for sledding, pizza, and donuts.  That's right I didn't even make them a cake, I made them a donut cake.  I figured the kids wouldn't care that our house was covered in boxes, and we didn't even have a real kitchen table anymore ( I had sold it) My mom thought I was a really crazy to tackle this two days before moving but the boys had fun so that was all that matters. 

I love the look on Noah's face, he looks terrified

I was glad that the snow lasted, if we had lived on the other side of the street we wouldn't of had any snow.  As it was we had patches of grass but there was still plenty of snow for sledding. 

Not sure why this is the only semi decent photo of Ashton I have while he was sledding.  This makes me miss our hill for sledding.  Now if we want to go sledding we have to go find a hill somewhere else. 

There is s story behind these angry birds, I had ordered these months ago and they finally showed up a few weeks ago.  The boys found the box on the front step and brought it in like they do with most of the boxes we get.  But they went a step farther this time and opened the box.  I was in the office on my computer and they came running in all excited about these angry birds.  I may not have handled it very well, there was some yelling and they got in trouble for opening the box.  I put them away and hoped they would forget about them.  No luck they knew they were coming, but they still loved them.

The boys donut cake, there were glazed donuts, hostess crumb donuts ( I am sad I didn't buy more of these) and buttermilk donut holes.  They seemed to like it and it was easy for me to make and clean up.  Which was kind of them theme of this party.

We moved on Ashton's birthday, I had some friends come and get the boys and take them to the zoo so they got to do something fun for a little while, then they got to go stay at grandma's house for the night.  We were doing a family party on Sunday for the boys, I ended up not going I spent the day puking so I missed that one but they came home all excited and loved the fact that they got to have two parties. 

Then a week later we had Jason's birthday his actual birthday was on Wednesday and he had work and school so we couldn't do much celebrating, but the boys and I went and got balloons and I made cupcakes and we surprised him at the office, and I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it oh well.  We went out to dinner with some friends on Friday night and then went back to their house to play games. 

Then we had our family party Sunday night.  It was the first official gathering we had at the new house.  We still didn't have our new table so we had a bunch of card tables to eat at but no one seemed to care, we had fajitas, and mole and I made Jason a carrot cake (which didn't turn out very well ) I hope he had a great birthday.  Oh and his gifts he got early, I bought them both on some great black Friday deals, so I gave them to him early. 

The new kitchen has so much space it is awesome and the island makes for a great place to set up a buffet.  I forgot to take a picture when all the food was out. 

I also forgot to take a picture of the whole group of people, I am blaming this pregnancy for all this forgetfulness I am going through lately.