Monday, December 31, 2012

new years

So we thought that it would be fun to find a cabin somewhere and go away with our friends the Bellamy's for new years, so Korie and I looked and made a few inquiries but nothing was working out and then they still wanted a ton of money for each night.  So we decided that we would just come here and they could stay the night and we would pretend we were on vacation.  I set up a blow up mattress in the boys room for Ethan and Mason to sleep in there with the boys then for Korie and Spencer and Zach I had another blow up mattress set up in the baby's room (which at the time was still empty, it had a dresser in it and that was all)  We had lots of yummy food planned and games to play.  We learned a couple of new games, which were fun and the boys had fun playing.  We stayed up really late and rang in the new years.  Not one child made it till new years, which was fine with us, they were tired and needed to go to bed.  I was bad about taking pictures this was the only one I took. 

We got up the next morning and the Bellamy family got to witness one of Noah's amazingly awesome meltdowns which lasted for well over an hour.  What a fun way to ring in the new year.  Once he was under control and things settled down we got to play some more games and before we knew it, the day was almost over.  We had a blast ringing in the new years, with some wonderful friends in our new home.