Sunday, December 23, 2012

Family Christmas parties

So we usually get together with Myron's side of the family on Christmas eve and do dinner and then exchange gifts, etc.  But this year mom had to work Christmas eve and she wasn't sure when she would be done so we had to have out pretty early this year.  I have to say I wasn't to heart broken over that.  It is a lot for our little family to be going back and forth from Utah county and our house Christmas eve then again in Christmas day, and back and forth between my dad's house and mom's house. 

So we had the party the Saturday before Christmas.  We had soup, ham, rolls, and salad we had the request to have healthier meals when we do these get togethers, I think we succeeded this year everyone seemed happy.  Mom wanted to have a family picture so as soon as we all got there we headed to the back yard for a group shot.  I set up the tripod and we got a decent shot. 

After everyone had there fill of food we all piled in the living room to do the gift exchange.  Its the same as every year we all bring a gift then we pick numbers and choose a gift.  I tried to make a little more interesting by stealing a gift but no one else did.  It was still fun, and of course Ashton and Noah had a blast with the uncles there for them to play and wrestle with.  It is funny how they each have their favorite uncle that they always gravitate towards.  Ashton goes to Leland and Noah goes to Aaron.  Of course they love them both but it just seems to be typical they each choose one.

Noah thought it was fun to play with the little sled mom had out for a decoration.

I love how Ashton is hanging out on the couch

Uncle Leland is already teaching the boys about the art of wedgie giving, not sure how I feel about this!

We had a wonderful time being with family which is what it is all about. 

We also had a family dinner with Dad's side of the family, we had to do it early also so that all of Val's daughters could be here.  We had dinner and instead of exchanging gifts this year we donated some items to an angel tree.  I wish I had some pictures of this night but silly me and my pregnancy brain I forgot my camera.